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Te O Ngā Tamariki - Children's Day will be awesome thanks to the support provided by you, your family, community groups and the organisations who support us.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority | Te Mana Whanonga Kaipāho (BSA) is an independent Crown entity whose vision is freedom in broadcasting without harm. The BSA oversees broadcasting standards that broadcasters must meet, one of which is the Children's Interests Standard. This protects children from material that "disproportionately disturbs them, is harmful, or is likely to impair their physical, mental or social development".

For more information go to link), call 0800 366 996 or email at link)

BSA/Save the Children guide: Children’s Rights and Broadcasting, Whānau Guide (external link)(external link)

Community wellbeing resources

Children’s Day is a day to come together and celebrate children in Aotearoa through a fun day of activities. 

It is also a time to recognise the communities that play in important role in supporting the safety and wellbeing of their children. On Children’s Day, many community groups will be hosting events for children, while families might create fun activities to take part in around the home.  

On Children’s Day and beyond there are free resources and support available for the wellbeing of children. You can access these all year round, whether you’re family, friends or part of the wider community.  

If you need some extra support or have any concerns about the wellbeing of a child you know, these resources and organisations can help:


 New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse (

Access to high quality research and information on family and whānau violence. 


White Ribbon 

Access to high quality research and information on family and whānau violence. 


Aviva supports people of any age, gender, sexuality or experience of violence to not only become safe, but begin a journey toward a fulfilling, violence-free life. It is never too early or too late to seek support.  

You're in the right place if you want to begin creating a violence-free life for yourself, support others to, or help cocreate a safer New Zealand for everyone.  

0800 284 82 669 

UN Women 

UN Women is the UN organization delivering programmes, policies and standards that uphold women’s human rights and ensure that every woman and girl lives up to her full potential. 

NZ Police

In New Zealand, family violence is a crime. Police take it very seriously. 

It is against the law for anyone to physically, sexually or psychologically abuse another person. If you or a family member is in immediate danger from family violence, then call Police on 111. 

Parents Centre

Local parents throughout Aotearoa have put in time and energy to create a Parents Centre in their community. A centre that reflects their special part of Aotearoa – and the people who live there. 


PHONE: 04 2332022 

Manaaki Tāngata

24/7 Free, nationwide support for people affected by crime, suicide and traumatic events. 

Call: 0800 842 846 

CAB.ORG.NZ - Citizens Advice Bureau 

Free, confidential, independent information and advice to anyone. We help people know what their rights are and how to access services they need  

CAB (0800 367 222) 

Oranga Tamariki

In New Zealand, family violence is a crime. Police take it very seriously. 

It is against the law for anyone to physically, sexually or psychologically abuse another person. If you or a family member is in immediate danger from family violence, then call Police on 111. 

Call: 0508 326 459 

Family Planning 

Help with sexual wellbeing. Everybody deserves respectful, kind, and useful sexual and reproductive healthcare — that's what we provide. 

Bullying Free NZ

A shared understanding of bullying helps schools, parents and whānau, and their communities prevent and respond consistently and appropriately to bullying. 
Home | Bullying Free NZ(external link)



Big Buddy

Big Buddy is all about building confidence and resilience in the lives of boys whose father is not around. We do this by matching volunteers, good guys from the community with boys aged between 7 and 14 years. They simply spend time together, a few hours a week. The Big Buddy relationship offers friendship, support and a good male role model to look up to. 
Phone: (09) 828 1358 


Tākai is a village of whānau supporters who work together to wrap around whānau, communities and our littlest tamariki under-five. Parenting information and resources for whānau supporters. 
Email: | Call:  64 4 918 9251 
Tākai(external link)

If you, or someone you care about, is worried about a mokopuna or needing some help, you can call: 0800 224 453 for advice and support.  
For information on children's rights and general enquiries, please email: 
Mana Mokopuna | Mana Mokopuna(external link) 



Are you OK?

To speak to someone about family violence you can call the Family Violence Information Line on 0800 456 450 or use the 'chat online' function below.

Are You OK | Family Violence Information and Support(external link)




If you need someone to talk to about the way you are feeling, the Depression Helpline is available 24/7. 

0800 111 757 

Women's Refuge

New Zealand’s largest nation-wide organisations that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence. Their vision is for all women and children in Aotearoa to live free from domestic and family violence. 

Call free Crisisline on 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843

Women's Refuge | Keeping Women & Children Safe ( link)

Services for adults and children to support safety & wellbeing, enhance dignity & self-determination​

Help 24 / 7 | Call 0508 744 633 or chat online 
Making Homes Violence Free in New Zealand - Shine ( link)

Netsafe is New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety charity. Taking a technology-positive approach to the challenges digital technology presents, we work to help people in New Zealand take advantage of the opportunities available through technology by providing practical tools, support and advice for managing online challenges.  

Help with advice and support. Text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282, make a report online, email at or call on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) 
Online safety advice & reporting. Netsafe – social media and online safety helpline(external link)

New Zealand’s largest children’s charity, we offer a broad range of services for children, families and whānau throughout Aotearoa. 

EMAIL: | PHONE: 04 2332022 
They exist because local parents throughout New Zealand have put in time and energy to create a Parents Centre in their community. A centre that reflects their special part of New Zealand – and the people who live there. 

Parents Centre Aotearoa - Home Parents Centre Aotearoa(external link)

Building resilience through gameplay SPARX e-therapy equips young people and rangatahi with life skills to power through stressful and negative emotions. 
Call a trained professional | Free phone: 0508 477 279 
For any questions or queries about the SPARX programme, send an email: 
Friends & Whānau | SPARX(external link)

Primary prevention work across New Zealand that is trauma-informed, culturally aware and evidence-based. 
Freephone 0800 543 769 | Phone (03) 543 2669 | Email: 
Empowerment Trust New Zealand(external link) (All Programmes)

Contact Us | Mirror Services(external link)

Piki empowers and supports Rangatahi towards better health and wellbeing. Through specifically selected peers, professionals and technology,  

Piki aims to equip you with tools to help overcome adversity and strengthen your wellbeing. 

If you would like to get in contact, please email: 
Groups | Piki(external link) (Presbyterian Support)

Family Works’ vision is for New Zealand to be the best place in the world to grow up – a place where all tamariki are safe, families and whānau are strong and communities are connected. 
Family Works - Presbyterian Support New Zealand ( link)

Live in the digital age can be challenging. Here you can find some tools and advice to help you keep children and young people safe. 

Keeping your family safe online : Keep It Real Online(external link) (Family Success Matters) 

Family Success Matters helps parents give their tamariki the best future they can. This could mean support with healthcare, education, safety, parenting, or connecting families with other social service providers.

0800 3267 8278 (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm)

Family Success Matters ( link)

With various training options and helpful resources for staff, leaders, parents and communities, Safeguarding Children offer practical, evidence-based, frontline-tested solutions, specifically tailored for those with responsibility towards children.

Call: 027 772 4469 Email:

Home - Safeguarding Children(external link) (Family Success Matters)

Contact us - Parent Help(external link) 
Helpline number: 0800 568 856 (9am-9pm, 7 days a week) | We look forward to welcoming you at our new space on Level 2, 95-99 Molesworth Street in Wellington CBD |  
Email: | Office number: 04 8025767

People passionate about equipping people who teach, coach, or care for children and youth to be the best they can be for our kids.

Call: 0800 723 3454 
Safe for Children | Child Protection | Behaviour Management | New Zealand(external link)

Real is all about supporting young people, like you, to love life! Real is aimed at supporting you to grow confidence,  
realise your potential and achieve your dreams. At Real, we want to play a part in supporting all young New Zealanders to feel great about their futures. 
Drop us a line - Real(external link)

Child Matters works with all sectors including professionals, community organisations, families and whānau, to deliver training, provide advice regarding policy and procedures, and recommend resources regarding child protection issues. Education of all sectors of our community is essential in reducing abuse and neglect in New Zealand.

Call: (07) 838 3370 Email: 
Child Matters New Zealand | Educating to protect youth(external link) (Child Abuse Prevention Foundation)

For more information and support please contact Child Abuse Prevention Foundation free on 0508 100 105, 
Child Abuse Prevention Foundation ( link)

Call: 0800 884 529 Email: 
YouthLaw Aotearoa(external link)

Anxiety Line: 0800 ANXIETY (0800 269 4389) – providing education and support around anxiety 
The Lowdown(external link) 



Shakti International

Women in crisis or if you need urgent information/ know someone experiencing family violence and needs help, please call on our 24/7 multi lingual crisisline 0800SHAKTI (0800742584)

CONTACT US - Shakti International(external link)

0800 WHATSUP or 0800 942 8787  for kids aged 5–18 years (Mon-Sun 11am-11pm)

Kidsline 0800 KIDSLINE or 0800 543 754 for kids aged up to 18 years (Mon-Sun 11am-11pm)

Free 24/7 call 0800 376 633 | Free 24/7 text 234 | | webchat 4:30pm – 10:00pm ( link)) 
Youthline - Youth Health Services, Youth helpline Program Centre NZ - Youthline NZ(external link)

If you would like to enquire about Counselling Support Services please call: 0800 299 100 or email: 
How we can help - Skylight Trust(external link) 



Worried about a child?

If you are ever seriously concerned about a child’s wellbeing, you can contact Oranga Tamariki at Worried about a child? Tell us (Oranga Tamariki)(external link).  

If a child or young person you know is in immediate danger call Police on 111.