The 6 March 2016 is Children’s Day. Join in the fun and do something special for the young people in your life on this national day!

Children’s Day – Te Ra O Te Tamariki, provides New Zealanders with an opportunity to give time to children.  Children’s Day has been running since the early 2000’s and is on the first Sunday of March each year. Hundreds of events happen all over the country each March, some big and some small.

Children’s Day is about treasuring our children, including:

  • Giving time
  • Praising and encouraging
  • Listening and talking
  • Sharing Love and affection
  • Exploring new experiences

To join in on the Children’s Day celebrations, you can:

  • Organise and register an event, it can be big or small. Check out our event tips.
  • Attend events in your area.


We have run out of resources! Apologies for any inconveniences. You can download posters and activity booklets here.