Toddler's day out and great parenting fair

Despite awful winds and heavy rain, the 8th annual Toddler Day Out was well attended on Saturday in the Trusts Stadium Arena. And 6-8,000 people joined the organisers, the 45 stallholders highlighting agencies and services to parents, early childhood educators and performers, bouncy castle operators, face painters and clowns, dancers and children’s cultural groups. It is also an official Children’s Day event.

Ex Waitakere Mayor, Bob Harvey was excited to see the continuation of this event "Its one of the things that the West does best!" he enthused when speaking to the crowds "investing in a day focusing on the best ways of supporting our young children, and giving them the best start in life we can!" Other politicians and sponsors who spoke reinforced this message.

Event organisers Violence Free Waitakere and the ECE Network of Waitakere agree. This year the weather seemed to conspire against any parents venturing out their doors, but the numbers attending showed the strong commitment that families make to the day. "At the end of the day, it builds hope, resilience and trust in the community to make an event like this the focus of our violence prevention work" said Elaine Dyer, CEO of Violence Free Waitakere. "When we give the families access to the resources which support their important work as parents of young children, we are also creating strong foundations for the future success and well being of those children."

The event, sponsored by the Council, Waitakere Licensing Trust, Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Education is a partnership between the education and social sectors of the community. Being an all weather venue with the Stadium is a great asset, and will continue to be an annual event promoting the importance of early childhood education and great parenting for the children of Waitakere.