Fundraising for your event

In previous years many communities have funded their events by seeking money from Pub Charity, other philanthropic trusts, or sponsorship from local businesses. Service groups in your local community may also be keen to participate by giving time and resources.

Organising fundraisers

You could organise a number of fundraisers throughout the year such as dinners, sausage sizzles, or raffles. Set a target amount of money to raise and a timeline.

Funding and information resources


The Funding Information Service is a not for profit organisation that has information about funding for community groups in New Zealand.

For more information, check the Funding Information Service website(external link).

The Community Development Group

Part of the Department of Internal Affairs. CDG helps organisations meet the needs of their communities and provides funding, advice, information and training.

For more information, check the Department of Internal Affairs website(external link).

Community Net Aotearoa

Part of the Department of Internal Affairs. Offers an Internet presence for community organisations, a forum to discuss common issues, and easy links to useful information. It also advocates for community groups to participate equally in the benefits of information technology. The ‘Managing Well’ section includes funding resources and you can also request the booklet from the Ministry of Social Development.

For more information, check the Community Net Aotearoa website(external link).

Sport New Zealand

Sport New Zealand iinvests approximately $60 million a year in organisations and programmes that will help them to achieve their mission. Specifically, this means targeting funding to provide an environment that will result in New Zealand:

  • being the most active nation
  • having athletes and teams winning consistently in events that matter to New Zealanders
  • having the most effective sport and recreation systems.

For more information, check the SPORT New Zealand website(external link).