Tips to promote your event

Planning an awesome event is one thing you can tick off, but don't forget about promoting and publicising it to draw the crowds!

When you register your event we will promote it on the Children's Day website and social media, but you'll likely want to do some promotion on the ground. If you need any information and messaging, feel free to use what's on our website and our key messages.

Here are a few easy ways to spread the word far and wide and hopefully maximise the success of your event.

Newspaper community notices and sponsored ads

  • Most newspapers include a free events calendar where you can promote your community event. Contact your local paper to list your event.
  • Make sure you contact the paper at least two weeks before Children's Day as they work in advance.
  • Often newspapers will run whole page advertisement features based around a theme.
  • Why not suggest that your local paper find Children’s Day supporters in the local community to place ads on a Children’s Day spread? With any luck (and a bit of persuasion!), they may run a free article about your event on the same page.

Radio community notices and promotions

  • Many radio stations include a free on-air community noticeboard.
  • Contact your local station to list your event. Make sure you contact them in advance. Often stations prefer at least 10 days’ notice.
  • Call the local radio station and ask for the station manager to discuss how you can work together to promote your event, as well as to cover it on the day.
  • If you get them on board with the message they may do it for free.
  • You could even give them some Children's Day goodie packs or prizes to give away on air.

Getting your event into the newspaper

  • First, find the right angle. Why is it news? How can you make it an interesting story? Is someone well-known going to be there? Is there something new or unusual?
  • Create a photo opportunity – can you plan something exciting with a lot of kids involved, a local personality, community leader?
  • Contact the local reporter who would be most interested in covering Children's Day. Otherwise, ring your local paper’s news department and gauge their interest about two weeks before your event.
  • Offer to help where you can – this could be by writing the story or providing some key messages, offering photos, providing interesting angles and inviting journalists to come along to the event.
  • If a reporter says they will cover your event, don’t trust them to remember. Call them on the Friday before Children’s Day to remind them to attend your event.
  • Our website has all the messaging you need to promote your event, so feel free to copy any details straight off our website and modify it to suit your needs.

Social media

  • Create a Facebook event and invite your friends.
  • Share your event to local community groups on Facebook.
  • Create an event and post on Neighbourly(external link).
  • Follow the Children's Day New Zealand Facebook page(external link) and share the videos and posts with your friends.
  • Use #ChildrensDayNZ in every social media post.
  • Send us photos, videos and stories from your events. We'd love to post about them on our Facebook page.

Other ways to promote your event

  • Library displays.
  • Circulate posters and flyers – we have posters ready to download and print.
  • Contact your networks – workmates, friends, and family and community groups.
  • School newsletters.
  • Write a letter to the editor.
  • Touch base with well-known people/personalities in your community.
  • Upload your event to Eventfinda(external link) and other local event directories.