About Children's Day

Te Rā o Ngā Tamariki - Children's Day, provides New Zealanders with an opportunity to celebrate and give time to children. It is a day of national awareness, annually recognised on the first Sunday of March. It was introduced by the first Children’s Commissioner in the year 2000.

Children's Day is all for tamariki

It is an opportunity for families, and communities to celebrate and nurture the children of New Zealand. The day is as much a celebration of children as an opportunity to engage all of New Zealand to think about their responsibility to support the lives of tamariki in their communities.

Communities coming together to celebrate children

Children’s Day is driven by communities with Councils, NGO’s, libraries, early childhood centres, schools and churches amongst some of the groups that host and run their own Children’s Day events.

There are hundreds of Children's Day events in neighbourhoods all over Aotearoa every March – some big and some small. Events range from teddy bears picnics, family expos, to councils opening their pools and facilities for free. Businesses are encouraged to get involved by contributing time and resources.

Key messages

  • Mō ngā Tamariki te Take - All for tamariki
  • Let’s all come together as a nation and celebrate tamariki
  • All tamariki deserve aroha
  • Children are born with mana
  • You can put tamariki first by giving time, aroha, praise and encouragement
  • Children are our future – they are full of potential
  • You don’t have to be a parent or child to be part of Children’s Day
  • Every one of us can do this – every child can thrive
  • Children depend on adults to care for them – it’s our responsibility to do our very best for them
  • Let’s make every day Children’s Day 

To join in on the Children's Day celebrations, you can:

  • Organise and register an event, it can be big or small. Check out our event tips.
  • Attend events in your community.
  • Spread the word on social media. Use our hashtags #ChildrensDayNZ #Allfortamariki.

Together let’s celebrate tamariki