15th February 2017 Newsletter

Children's Day Te Ra O Te Tamariki

Children's Day is almost here - 5th of March!

Children are our treasure! Children's Day is a chance for all of us to get together and celebrate the precious young people in our lives.

We are already into February how time flies!

Children's Day is approaching quickly, we have already bumped up our registers from 20 to 67 events!

To those of you that are hosting an event keep a look out for your resource pack- these should arrive within the next few weeks.

For those who would like to attend an event, check out our website www.childrensday.org.nz and search events in your area. These are all updated and are looking pretty great. Get involved!.

Things to remember:

Promote your event - Use your local media channels, newspapers, radio stations and social media. There are a few tips on how to promote your event and how to host it online at www.childrensday.org.nz

If you would like to display a few posters before your resources arrive, we have posters and activity booklets to download here.

Your event will now be up on the website! Search here.

Please check that everything is correct, and if you would like any information changed please feel free to contact me on info@childrensday.org.nz

Help make Children's Day bigger! Pass on the message, get people involved, attend an event or go to a few.

Children's day is about giving time to children, and what it means to treat them like the treasure they are.

Have fun organising your event!